Rent A Website Prices

Get a ‘rent a website’ that is on page one of Google

You do know how much that is worth , don’t you?

The price of our website rental service is as follows

Initial Web Design/rent a website set up fees £800 – £2500 £495 (for local)*
Domain & Hosting £20 – £30 p/m Free
Maintenance & Support £80 – £500 p/m (average is 15% of website cost) Free
Search Engine Optimisation Additional ongoing costs. Huge range from £200 – £20,000+ Guaranteed 1st page on Google local listing for your ‘rent a website’ or you pay nothing**
Minimum Contract Period 1 year hosting None
Online advertising, e.g. Google adwords Unlimited, average around £500 p/m uneccessary as your rent a website will be on page one of the organic search results
Website lease/website rental payment N/A £100 per month (for local)*
Cancellation You may have to pay to get the domain transferred Cancel your rent a website whenever you want without cost

*   Local is deemed as the geographic area of your choice. Please contact us for details of our global options

** If the rented website drops from page one you don’t start paying again until the rent a website is back on page one.

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