Why You Really Should Rent A Website

New Domain Names

There is a new domain name being touted for sale. The .so Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) is actually for Somalia. But that won’t stop people telling you to grab one quick even though you live in Arkansas or Stevenage.

We had similar not long ago with the .co domain name which was assigned to Colombo but was swiftly jumped on by internet marketers looking for an opportunity to make a quick buck.

So, how do you know which TLD to go for?
Here is a simple rule of thumb if you are thinking of buying a new domain name:

  1. Try and get the ccTLD for your country, e.g. if you are primarily selling in UK go for .co.uk; if in USA or selling globally go for .com.
  2. If the ccTLD for your country has been snapped up, go for .org or .info
  3. If these are all gone go for your domain name with hyphens and start at number 1 again, e.g. your-company.co.uk
  4. Last resort is to add extra letters to your domain name, e.g. www.yourcompanyinfo.co.uk, but only if you really have no other choices.


Some people will tell you that as a result of Google’s last algorithm change in February this year, called ‘Panda’, having a doman name with your keywords in will now make little difference to your rankings. I am seeing very little evidence of this.