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Could Website Leasing Kill Websites?

Weighing up the pros and cons of website leasing will almost certainly have you choosing to ditch your self build plans and get on board the most clear and concise way of ‘getting online’. But could website leasing be the end of websites as we know it?

Website leasing, although still relatively new in the digital marketplace, is an area growing rapidly in popularity. If you’re a small to medium sized business wanting to attract new customers or retain brand awareness it’s a perfect alternative to resource-heavy website builds. You know you’re going to hit the top search spots and be accessible to your target audience at the click of a button, yet there’s limited outlay or commitment.

So why would anyone still choose to design and build their own websites and is there a danger that website leasing could change the way the Internet functions?  The answer to that is yes. And no.

Firstly you need to look at the types of website offerings available to the casual user. Generally, a person’s online usage could be categorised into three areas; entertainment and gaming, information and academia or goods and services.

Website leasing comes into its own in the goods and services category, where the Internet user wants to find a product, service or contact for a specific task. The range of tasks could be infinite, but all have the same elements in common – they are all things that your website surfer needs and is searching for. Whether it’s a hunt for a local florist, mechanic or national retailer the principles are the same, they want to find it quickly, easily and without too much effort.

And make no mistake; the vast majority of people will click on one of the top search results Google spits out. Being on page two or three of the results list just doesn’t cut it when there’s so much choice and so much competition. This is where website leasing does beg the question, ‘is a traditional website really the best solution to get noticed?’

Of course there are many small and medium businesses that are enjoying the best of both worlds. They retain a traditional website with more detailed information that caters for existing customers, but they also invest in website leasing for their brief profile, which is what will land the top search positions.

So, that’s where the answer is ‘yes’, website leasing does change the nature of the Internet, but the flip side is that in many cases, no it doesn’t.

Why? Because when you move to the other main categories of online use, people generally fall into one of two areas. Either they are happy to ‘surf’, chat to others and click around for something to entertain and spark their interest (for example YouTube, or Facebook), or they know exactly what they want and how to get to it (for example Internet banking or an academic resource).

Will website leasing kill websites? Of course not, we’ll still be inundated with more websites than we could ever imagine, but perhaps by insisting that our online profiles work more effectively we cut out some of the dross currently served to our audience.