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My Rent a Website

Why Rent a Website?

My Rent a Website

My Rent a Website

If you are looking to take steps to find an online presence for your business to attract more customers, having a website is the best way to do this. With a lot of money needed to build and promote a website, it is ideal to rent a website instead. A business owner who plans to make use of this option is sure to come across a comprehensive range of renting options offered by many sources.

Building and maintaining websites can be a time-consuming and costly affair. For the business owner who wants to have an online presence by opting to rent a website, there are no server costs, designing fees, and the enthusiast can even get rid of website maintenance costs as well. While the business owner is keen to bring in more customers through their website, the site should also stay current, as they need constant optimizing. When you opt to rent a website, a good thing about this is that there are no extra costs. This means a business can have an affordable package when renting a website on a monthly basis which works to the advantage of the business owner.

With the budget-friendly rentals offered, this allows a company to rent a website without having to worry about high costs. From a marketing viewpoint, renting a website is an ideal way to promote a company’s business, compared to Radio and TV ads, flyers and yellow pages. When a business owner decides to build a website on their own, they have to spend a lot of time and energy designing and creating the website. But, when they plan to rent a website, they are letting the experts do all the designing work for them, which means they are able to concentrate their attention on the other business needs to earn more profits.

As a business owner, you would be planning to bring in more leads, more enquiries and more business through your website. When you rent a website from the ideal source, you are making use of a powerful platform that has been built by experts, who also know the significance of SEO measures. In essence, when you rent a website, you are opting for a site that is search engine friendly, where the chances of finding the approval of search engines is high and which is the ideal way to attract the attention of potential customers.

When the business owner decides to rent a website, they can come across sources that allow the enthusiast to decide upon the design of the website as well as other features related to a website. A host of features include contact forms, forums, polls and media players among the many other features. The business owner can select the features that are sure to help their business grow and eliminate the features that are not useful for his business to save costs. By planning to rent a website, the business owner is not only bringing in more customers, but is also saving a lot of money in the process.

Rent a website service

Why You Might Rent A Website

Rent a website service

Rent a website service

Most businesses view websites as a permanent thing; keeping the same URL is a must. What happens if your domain name is expensive, and rapidly increasing in value? Instead of having to bid several thousand dollars which you may or may not have on hand at the moment, renting that domain name for a fraction of the cost might make a lot of sense. You’ll still get the domain name you want, but at a lower cost.

When you rent a website, you also don’t have to worry about having to program, or hire a website creator, either. Many rental services offer amazing website design services along with renting the domain name. By giving you autonomy on what design your site follows, as well as what content is displayed, renting a website becomes a very smart move for business owners who simply don’t have the time or money to deal with owning.

Along with the lower expense of actually buying the domain and labor, renting a website often allows you to have easier ways of updating content with little or no fuss, Since professionally-made websites are quite secure, you also get a little bit more peace of mind knowing that you are the only one who can update your site.

It’s easy to see why someone would want to rent a website if a business is just starting out. Domain names are pricey, as is labor, as is updating a site. By renting a website instead, business owners can focus on the more important parts of their life.

Why You Really Should Rent A Website

Why You Really Should Rent A Website

Why You Really Should Rent A Website

Why You Really Should Rent A Website

If you are a small business owner or a sole trader then let me explain why I think you really should rent a website.


If you are in the above group, what marketing are you doing at the moment? Most small business owners I talk to tend to do a mixture of the following:
Marketing methods of small business owners
Marketing Media/Method Cost Notes
Advert in the local paid or free paper £50 to £100’s per week Many of the free papers are going out of business
Advert in the local freely delivered booklet £40 per month these are usually delivered to individual suburbs of each town and therefore have a very small readership
Advert in Yellow pages £550 Minimum per year Cannot cancel this regardless of how effective it is or not!
Sponsored listing in online directories £50 – £500 per annum This figure depends on the popularity of the directory, i.e how many visitors it has
Leaflets & Flyers £150 for the first print run This doesn’t account for the cost of paying someone to deliver the flyers.
Advert in Post Office £500 For this you will get an image on a screen that is rotated along with other ads to the people queuing at the post office
New web site Think of a number times it by ten, take off the number you started with… blah blah blah… Sorry for the sarcasm. The figures vary depending on whether you get your next door neighbours 15-year-old son to build you a website (hmmmm!) or get a professional developer to do it for you.

The Problem?

Here’s the question… what is the problem(s) with all the above methods?

Not one of them targets people who are interested in what you offer. In other words, if you are a painter and decorator, a plasterer, an auto electrician, a driving instructor or one of the thousands of other small business owners then if you use the above methods you are selling to people who in the most, really, really aren’t interested in what you have to offer. The secret to long-term success in business is to get your offer in front of enough people who are interested in what you have to offer.

Adverts in Newspapers and Booklets

Whilst this can be successful if you are advertising on the prime spot of a large or national newspaper; using a small local newspaper will have a limited impact simply because of the limited readership. Look at it this way, let’s say the local newspaper has a stated readership of 100,000. What percentage of that number will read the paper in its entirety and see your advert.

On top of this what further percentage of that number will be in the market for your service or product at the exact time that they happen to see your newspaper advert? This is why advertising salespeople will tell you that you have to advertise regularly to get any benefit. They are hoping that someone will fall on your ad just as they need your service. And you wonder why you get very few enquiries from your ads.

Yellow Pages and Similar Style Online Directories

It is slightly different if you advertise in the Yellow Pages and other directories, but only a little. Obviously people are looking for your particular product or service – this is known as a hot lead. But if only they would spot your ad from the other 87 or so adverts offering the same service. Yes, you could pay for a sponsored listing or bigger ad but you still have no guarantee that potential customers will call you even though you have spent several hundred pounds for that advert.

Leaflets and Flyers

You have paid good money to have a few thousand flyers printed and now the tricky part… how are you going to deliver them? If you are going to post/deliver them yourself, is that an effective use of your time? How much is your time worth? Also, how effective are leaflets, the market suggests that for a professional, well designed leaflet you are looking at a response rate of between 1 -2 %. Of course that doesn’t mean that the 1-2% will all do business with you. Just that they will call for more information.

Post Office Video Screens and Other Kiosk Adverts

You stand there, getting more frustrated at having to wait in a queue. Are you really going to remember the advert you see on the TV screen or are you more interested in why the person at the front of the queue hasn’t got their money out ready to pay.

New Website

Having a shiny new website should bring in tons of new business, right? Unfortunately it’s wrong! Unless people can find your website you have wasted your money. It’s a little like having a retail shop at the top of the Himalayas. If no one can find you then what’s the point? Nowadays, unless your website is on page one of Google for your key phrases then you have probably wasted your money.

Is there a Solution

Yes, You can rent a website that guarantees you a page one organic result for your key phrases or you don’t pay. The reason this is different is that you are targeting people who are actively searching for your service or product. Lets say you are a joiner in Derby, last month there was 720 local searchers for a joiner in Derby. Now if you have a rented website that targets that key phrase and you are on page one of Google, how many of those 720 searchers will call you? Quite a few I think.

Website Renting

The History of Website Renting

Website Renting

Website Renting

Although it seems the World Wide Web has been around for years it’s still a relatively new phenomenon and one of its newest additions is website renting. Yet like most things that become commonplace, we feel we’ve never lived without it.

If websites were step twenty of the history of the Internet, website renting probably comes in at around step 100. From the initial days of the ‘net being created for and by academia, to the current mass usage (over 66% of the UK population are regularly online), the Internet has gone through many iterations.

Long gone are the days where the Internet conjured up images of groups of ‘geeks’ sitting around sharing data, now its everyone from young children to silver surfers who are active online.

The big turning point has to be Tim Berners-Lee’s introduction of the ‘World Wide Web’ in 1990, when the acronyms HTML, HTTP, and URL were first introduced. It’s only just over 20 years ago, yet it seems unimaginable to live without the benefits websites have introduced to us. It’s these huge benefits which spurred the development of website renting.

When Netscape launched it’s first visual browser in 1994 it was inevitable the direction the Internet was going. It was headed for mass audience engagement. And that’s exactly what happened.  People stopped looking to the Yellow Pages for information and started looking at business listings via the Internet, opening up a huge potential new market for those who had a presence online.

Another development in Internet use is the collaboration and discussion amongst users, both locally and across the world. If you’re being talked about it means your brand is known, yet for so many thousands of businesses, they are too hidden to ever play a part. Website renting offers that elusive element – the chance to get noticed.

Which brings us to a final, crucial part of the history of the Internet and in turn website renting. Google. Google went live in 1998 and changed the way people used the Internet. If the audience were stumbling across businesses online when Netscape launched, they were demanding to find businesses online when Google took over.

Now in 2011 we take for granted the ease and effectiveness of Google and the ability to discover exactly what we’re looking for immediately and easily. It’s this expectation that businesses can exploit by considering website renting, which brings together all the best elements of the World Wide Web so far.

Website renting is a relatively new occurrence on the Internet but ever since the surge in computer and internet use by the general public, website renting has been a seed planted, ready to blossom. Now the seed has grown into a sturdy tree, but will continue to develop into a forest.

Rent a website

Is it a Step Too Far to Rent a Website?

Rent a websiteYou can rent most things in the current market; houses, cars or furniture and now you can even rent a website. Is it just a reflection on a new technological age that even virtual products should come under the rental banner? And is there anything wrong with online ‘goods’ being treated this way?

There’s not much you couldn’t rent nowadays. Whatever your requirement is there’s bound to be a rentable solution available. It’s seen as a pretty normal and usually cost effective way of obtaining something out of reach if you were buying, or as a way of being a ‘have’ instead of a ‘have not’ without the big commitment of a purchase.

It’s clear why someone would want to rent a house or a car. It’s a big investment which usually requires a huge outlay if you’re going to buy, yet you can keep up with the Joneses by making a neat monthly payment. But would you want to, or need to, rent a website?

Are you really going to fall behind your competitors if you don’t have a website, or if you don’t have an effective website? Will you become a ‘have not’ if you don’t hit the front page of Google? Is the option to rent a website better than just creating something using one of the hundreds of ‘self build’ web packages?

The simple answer is yes to all three questions because the reality is; being able to rent a website is a perfect solution for anyone who wants to get noticed online. In fact when there’s the option to rent rather than build a website, the question may become, ‘is there any benefit of buying a costly new site?’ (This is the question usually asked when someone decides to get a new car, house or business premises).

People are coming to realise being online isn’t enough in a competitive and packed marketplace. You need to be discoverable; quickly and easily. It’s akin to making the decision to rent a high street shop in the most prominent position to attract the new clientele. When you decide to rent a website you’re essentially deciding to rent the shop-front in the best location, but without the price tag.

And there’s no doubt the price tag is another reason the move is shifting towards people choosing to rent a website rather than buy. There’s always been a big divide been the quality and usability of sites. The cheap, self build sites usually look just that; cheap and self built, yet if you want something bespoke and elegantly designed it comes with a hefty price tag, especially when you throw in hosting and maintenance.

This would all be fine if it guaranteed you would make an impression and recoup the investment by generating sales or hits. But it doesn’t. Many a lovely, beautifully crafted website will sit sadly on page 12, 32 or even 100+ in search engine results. Whereas if you choose to rent a website you’re guaranteed to beat all those expensive sites to the top search spots.

So, is there anything wrong with people deciding to rent a website? Not unless choosing the most successful, cost effective and innovate way to be discovered online is wrong.