Monthly Archives: September 2010


You Want a Website?

Don’t buy a website until you have read this, otherwise you could be wasting a ton of money.

The old fashioned way went something like this…

You get in touch with two or three web design companies who talk about needs analysis, design integrity, user experience specialists and other wonderful phrases when all you wanted was more leads, more enquiries and more business.

They would then build you a nice looking website with all the bells and whistles – but how much extra business does it bring you?

It doesn’t need to be this difficult

Not any more. By renting a website from everything is done for you. The website is designed, built and optimised to get it to the first page of Google. By getting the website onto the first page of Google you will get leads, enquiries, and sales.

Best of all though… if your rented website isn’t on page one of Google you don’t pay anything.