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Does It Work?

Why Rent a Website?

Using the old system of buying websites only works for the minority. And only then if you have a really tight niche or have the money to spend on SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) specialists.

Here’s How

If you sell ACME widgets for example and a customer was searching for your company or products on Google, what would they search for?

  • Your company name?
    • Possibly if you are a recognised brand, but unlikely otherwise
  • ACME widgets?
    • Almost certainly
  • Cheap ACME widgets?
    • Quite likely
  • Blue ACME widgets?
    • Potential clients will most likely use a modifier + key phrase

Do This

Think about your products or services and think of a few key phrases that users would search for and test them in Google. If you are not on page one of Google then you are missing out on a huge potential market. In fact I would go as far as to say that in most cases if you are not on page one you are wasting your time.

Search Habits

When you last searched on Google did you go beyond the first page? Most don’t, in fact 90% of users only use the first page of Google. So if you aren’t there you aren’t in the game.

Why Rent a Website?

Apart from the fact that renting a website from is tax deductible, there are may other reasons why you should:

Cost – You don’t pay for the design

Support – You don’t need to worry about support or maintenance as that’s included

Effectiveness – You only pay when your rented website is on page one of Google