Rent A Website

Rent a Website Unique Offer

You have a small or medium sized business and you want a shiny new website, right?


You don’t want a website. What you really want is:

  • more leads;
  • more enquiries;
  • more customers; and
  • more business

You now have a couple of options, you can:

  • advertise using traditional media (yellow pages, newspapers, magazines etc) but everyone tells you that’s dead; or
  • go with the new website idea and hope you get some enquiries

The average cost of a new website in UK is £1200 + VAT + support + SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) fees.

The biggest single problem with having a website designed and built is that you have no guarantee that it will be on page one of Google for your key phrases. If your potential customers type your key phrase into Google and your site isn’t on the first page of the results then you have probably wasted your money.

How To Get On Page One Of Google

This comes under SEO and is too big a topic to cover here. Suffice to say that if you already have a website and you aren’t on page one of Google then you need to pay an SEO expert to get it there.

There is Another Way – Rent a Website

  1. What if you could have a website that cost you nothing for the design?
  2. What if you could have a website that was guaranteed to be on page one of Google or you pay nothing?
  3. What if you didn’t have to worry about things like maintenance, support, domain reg, ftp, hosting, and other technical issues?
  4. What if you could use this website to drive new customers to your existing website?

Sound too good to be true?

Well now you can have all this by using rent a website – renting a website through

See our rent a website Prices page for details or see what you get with a rent a website